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The Story behind that Angila Drama - Just getting it out in the open.

It really sucks that I even have to write a blog about this, but here it goes:

Whats happened now, was not my original intention, but things change and that is life. Ya know, let me start from the beginning I guess, when i was introduced to brendan. He was genuinely nice a nice guy but never put anymore thought into it because of how angila felt. But i really noticed that when i was around, that she treated me like a horrible form of a third wheel. I think this all really started the night we went to the redhouse tavern, and angila commented to me that she thought brendan liked me (which was true but not to my knowledge) and she was freaking out so I tried to calm her and tell her that he didnt(which is what i had assumed.) I was trying to be a good friend. Then came the night at the donnas, where she acted like a total bitch and made me feel terrible, and was constantly trying to one up me. I was really entirely sick of the situation and tried to wander off, but damn no matter what she was calling me back. She freaked out because brendan and I were innocently talking. Apparently thats uncalled for. when we went back to the house afterwards, I slept on the couch BY MYSELF. no lie. the next morning he was waking me up with the guitar and i guess that made her mad too. I really thought everything was fine until i got this nasty message from her the following tuesday (in which time i hadnt spoken to brendan since that night). She bitched and bitched that I had talked to him, and "OMG HOW COULD YOU DO THAT. YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT HIM." I was a little baffled.. I hadnt done anything. She went on to tell me I couldnt be friends with him, now what kind of "BFF" tells you who you can and cant be friends with and starts all this drama? none that I know of. Later that same day Brendan messages me telling me how he feels, and basically I told him he was talking to the wrong person, and he insisted that he wasnt, now for a week i was avoiding that whole thing so that i could avoid drama. I was upfront with angila about all of this, i told her that he messaged me. then she started getting all of her friends to message me saying "how could you ruin her relationship?!" (ya know that one she didnt have with him), and saying things behind my back, saying that I was a whore and that I slept with married men. (im such a whore for all the sex I dont have). Anyway I was getting fed up with the slander and the lies. Talking to brendan, I found out about things she had lied to me about, it really hurt my feelings. I started to no longer feel bad for what i had not done. A week ago brendan asked me to go to the of montreal concert, I said yes because he has been the only one sticking up for me, he knows that none of this is my fault, and at first I felt guilty when I was there but then i remember all the stuff she said about me, the lies, the slander, everything. I just couldnt feel guilty anymore. Brendan and I have been spending alot of time together this week, and we are getting along famously. In the end, angila hung herself on this one, she pushed brendan and I away. After all is said and done, I found out that she was lying about me before any of this drama started, and thats just bitchy. Karmas a bitch, bitch. But Props to you angila, cause brendan and I are really happy, thanks for all of this because otherwise wed have never hung out. Obviously not intended but really nice all the same.
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